2nd Stew for 50m Charter M/Y in Med & Caribbean, €4500/month

  USA Stewardess, 120' Private M/Y in Bahamas, $4000/month

  Lead Stew for 40m Charter M/Y in Pacific Mexico, $4000/month


To apply email your CV with references to stews@yachtcrew.ca





Stew Positions Recently Filled


  Chief Stew for 50m Private M/Y based in Mexico, $6000/month


  Chief Stew for 120m M/Y Mediterranean, 3x3 month rotations, €6000/month


  Chief Stew for 45m Private S/Y sailing the Mediterranean, €4500/month


  2nd Stew for 40m Charter M/Y in Mediterranean, €4500/month


  2nd Stew for 35m Charter M/Y in Palma for interview, €4500/month


  Beautician / Hairdresser for 120m M/Y Mediterranean Season, €3000/month


  Head Housekeeper for 120m M/Y Mediterranean Season, €3000/month


  Chief Stew 35m Charter M/Y in Mediterranean, €4000/month


  Stewardess for 120' Charter Sailing Yacht in the Pacific NW, $3000/month


   Junior Stewardess, 55m Heesen, Charters in Mediterranean, €2300/month


   Chief Stewardess, 120' Benetti M/Y Private cruising Med, €5000/month




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